Hello, I’m David Holifield. 

I’m a UX & Product Design Leader with over 15 years of leadership experience. I specialize in product vision, strategy, and building design teams.

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Case Studies

Leading my team through a massive product redesign.

When it came time for Amazon Prime Video to reinvent itself, my team took the lead in the largest ever redesign of this premier streaming service. Together we significantly improved discovery and engagement for over 200 million customers globally.

Making healthcare more accessible to over 90 million customers.

Amazon purchased forward-thinking healthcare company One Medical to provide in-person or remote doctor visits and on-demand healthcare nationwide to their Prime customers. But first, it had to be integrated into the Amazon Health ecosystem.

Using AI to reduce healthcare customer service calls by 24%.

My team innovated an AI solution for this premier healthcare client, improving their member experience by providing better, quicker, and more accurate customer service saving them millions.

Improving the NBA fan experience by reducing trouble ticket response time by 74%.

On game day, the stakes could not be higher for both fans and arena employees. Me and my team partnered with the NBA through a Design Thinking Workshop to elevate the fan experience by empowering front-line workers to respond quicker to the needs of their fans

Increasing Annual Passholder renewal rates by 67%.

Our research showed that our digital touchpoints did not address the needs of a majority of our Annual Passholders. So we created an elevated, velvet rope-style experience that decreased attrition and increased renewals.

Companies I’ve Worked With

In 15+ years as a professional, I have accumulated a wealth of experience working with a variety of businesses, including ambitious startups, large media organizations, healthcare companies, and Fortune 10 corporations.

Let’s Work Together


If you’re looking for advice on your next big idea or you are looking for a seasoned design leader to add to your team, send me note. I am always on the lookout for my next challenge.

LinkedIn   |   Phone: (805) 890-8941   |   Email: DavidHolifield@gmail.com